Make Your Own Greenland Paddle

Have you tried Greenland paddling?  Last year,  after watching a new paddling friend paddle right by me with his hand-made skinny stick I was intrigued.   How could that thin piece of wood propel a kayak through the water?

I didn’t get to try the Greenland paddle that day.  After I got off the water I was very curious.  When I got home I was excited to do some research on Greenland paddles.   After a lot of exploration I found a lot of great information and decided to carve my own Greenland paddle.

I followed the on line guide, Making a West Greenland Paddle by Chuck Holst.  Chuck’s guide is extremely helpful and detailed.

Next I discovered this video  on carving the Greenland paddle by Matt Johnson.  Matt’s video walked me through each step.

I found a nice cedar 2 X 6 at Home Depot and got to work. Creating my first Greenland paddle was a lot of fun. I took my time, double checking each step and learning as I went. I had never tried one of these Greenland paddles so before I finished it I took it out for a short test paddle. It was different and within minutes of paddling on our small lake in town I was hooked. I’ve turned into a Greenland paddler. Paddling with a beautiful piece of wood that I made myself is a real joy.

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