Canoecopia 2011 in Photos

Valley Sea Kayak’s new model for 2011 The Etain.

Here’s the new Valley Sea Kayak’s Etain close up of the deck pod.  This deck pod acts like a 4th hatch.  It will hold small items like keys, snacks and valuables.  The deck pod is also removable.   The Etain is described as being more contemporary in style and paddling feel.

Folbot’s Kodiak, Cooper and Greenland II.  The gentleman I spoke with in their booth at Canoecopia was very friendly and made a good case for the convenience of carrying a boat around with you in your vehicle at all times.  Find some good water to paddle and you always have your boat with you.

Current Designs Kayaks on display at Canoecopia 2011.

Interested in kayak sailing?  Wind Paddle was demoing their sail.  Their system seems pretty easy and the large window in the middle of the sail lets you see where you’re going.

Sawyer Paddles where showcasing their beautiful paddle collection.

Showing the canoe paddle making process from rough stock to nicely finished product.

Canoe paddle making demo at North House Folk School.

Chesapeake Light Craft’s display of boats.  CLC makes kits so you can build these boats yourself.  They offer a large variety of kits and plans on their website.  Are you interested in building your own boat?

Kruger Canoe on display at a sail manufacturers booth at Canoecopia.

Ben Lawry teaching the 4 P’s of Paddling at Canoecopia.

Did you attend Canoecopia 2011?  What where your favorite moments?

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