Reign Dry Top from Level Six

The warmer Spring weather means paddling season is upon us in Wisconsin.  Canoecopia gets us excited about all the new gear available.  Have you checked your gear from last year?  Maybe things have gotten a little funky in storage.  Now is the time to take inventory and make sure you’re ready to paddle the day weather and inspiration to get you out for your first paddle of the year.  (My first paddle was yesterday)

Level Six put this video together about the Reign Dry Top.  Re-enforcements on the shoulders are supposed to keep the top from wearing out while you’re shoulder carrying your boat.  From this video this looks like a solid dry top.  The end of this short video features some nice whitewater paddling footage.

Check out more paddling gear in the WI Paddle store.

Who makes your favorite dry top?  What do you like about it.

4 thoughts on “Reign Dry Top from Level Six

  1. YOU WENT OUT YESTERDAY ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????

    You’re making me so jealous!!!

    So, what did YOU wear out on the river yesterday? Do you have that drytop that was on the video???
    And where did you go???


    • Hi Coolie, We paddled from Fritse Park in Menasha to Lutz Park in Appleton on Little Lake Butte Des Morts. I don’t own that dry top. I have a more simple one and layered fleece underneath with waterproof pants. It’s not ideal for immersion but my plan was not getting wet. I have tall NRS boots too so my feet don’t get wet landing and launching. I was plenty warm. I do need to get a wetsuit to really be safer. The weather forecast looks good for Saturday so I’m planning to go again tomorrow. Probably the same place because it’s the closest open water I know of. Maybe the Wolf will be open tomorrow…

  2. I am SO jealous!

    Just got back from the EYE DR….both eyes are dialated, so it’s sorta hard to look at this screen….
    EYES OK….still 20/20 w/glasses….Yay! Not blind yet!

    On the way home though, I stopped by Zeller’s Sports to look at wet suits.(one of the owner’s…Dave, paddled ACROSS Lake Michigan once, so I trust his knowledge!) anyway, all I have is that shorty farmer john, and it’s pretty thin. I talked to him about that new polartec fabric ones they have out now…..all fuzzy polar fleece on the inside and an outer layer of neoprene-ish? material on the outside. A farmer john with LONG legs was $144. I think I’m gonna go with that…. I like the idea of the farmer john type top because you can always wear something over it, but could take a layer off and not get too hot….also less chafing ….although maybe there wouldn’t be any chafing with that fleecy inside. They didn’t have any in stock today….won’t be getting them till April…..but he said they go thru NRS for their stuff.

    I’d like to get the taller boots like yours, too. I have the shorter ones,and they’re not always tall enough….what’s the point of them when water comes over the top?

    I’m getting nervous about the upcoming paddles on the meetup site. The first one’s in early May, and if it’s nice, temperature-wise, they’ll all be dressed in shorts/t-shirts if the leaders of the paddles don’t reinforce some sort of safety rules. We hafta figure out how to adress this issue. In the meantime, I’m not going to lead a paddle till the water temp is above 65 degrees.

    Well, I’m going to look at to see what they have for polartec wetsuits…. higher booties, and one of those kayak carrier things….with the wheels….

    I just had my hours at work changed….I’ll be working every THIRD weekend now, instead of every OTHER…. this weekend I hafta work…. but one of these weekends, I’d like to paddle with you!


    • I think a farmer john is a good way to go. I was waiting for them to go on sale last Fall and I never found a sale for any that fit me. NRS is supposed to have nice wetsuits for paddling. I got the Endurance pants from NRS to go with the NRS boundary shoes last year on a good sale at The pants work great but not good for immersion. I have 2 tops. A splash top and a semi dry top made by Extrasport. I found them on clearance. I don’t think they’re made anymore.


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