The Kayaking Experts

The Kayaking Experts

I was out paddlin last week, with my buddy Mark
for we had decided to go out, to the boonies on a lark

and although we had never heard, of anybody ever paddling this stream
we never would have realized, and we never could have dreamed

that our trip would be both a challenge, and yet religiously instilling
not to mention the mosquito’s main course, we seemed to be filling.

For the illustriousness of our trip, can hardly be understated
and our manly directional intuition, only slightly over rated

for we had started later than usual, as my alarm clock had malfunctioned
when the river turned into a swamp, and we went up the wrong junction

it was only suppose to be a half day float, and a nice little peaceful paddle
for we were well prepared with a seven-up, and half a bag of fiddle-faddle

as of yet it hadn’t become overly apparent, that off the course we strayed
a mere inconvenience for experienced experts like us, a minor slight delay

by the third day we retraced our route, but only for a short distance
we were never lost but a mighty confused, but only for a momentary instance.

It was then we came upon, a significantly sizable beaver lodge
where we decided to stay for just one night…Only just because

it would make noteworthy mention, for any rookies that we might tell
and since it seemed to be vacated of all tenants, so we might just as well

but it was in the morning, when we discovered our one tiny mistake
for all there was left of our wood paddles, were shavings by the lake

and it was only at that point where we realized, we could be in a slight fix
for if we ever ran into someone we might, have to borrow some trail mix.

But intrepid kayak adventurers like us, we always know what we’re doing
and if we didn’t we might as well give up our kayaks, and just go canoeing

After heroically helping some girl scouts, we were able to make a quick ski-daddle
cause it’s nothing new for us experts, to be confused and up the creek, without a paddle!

Poetry by Robert Ward

2 thoughts on “The Kayaking Experts

  1. Great poem, Bob! Thanks for submitting it, Mark! Good to know others that can get in a fix and not be too proud to tell about it! How much was it at the beaver lodge?


    • The going price for lodging at a beaver lodge as far as we can tell, is three sapling birches, or one medium willow, as we were ignorant of the current prices, we scampered out without paying the bill in full, as we still owe them .5 of a wood paddle.


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