Keep Your Hat on with Capsurz

Windy days paddling are fun. You don’t want to have to worry about your cap blowing off while maneuvering through the waves. Capsurz keep your cap secure in the wind.

When you don’t need to strap on your cap the Capsurz hides out just above the brim.

Wearing a hat while out on the water is almost essential for sun protection. A couple of my hats have built in chin straps and they’re the ones I wear when the wind is blowing. Paddling hats with chin straps come in very handy when you do not  have free hands to hold onto your hat in a gust.  With Capsurz I can wear any of my hats on a windy day Do you have a favorite hat that you like to wear while paddling?

Here’s a video I shot of Mari from Capsurz demonstrating her hat protector at Canoecopia.

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