Surfing the Delphin 155 from P & H Kayaks

Do you like to play in the waves? We don’t get a lot of huge waves in Wisconsin but you can find some waves in Lake Michigan. P & H has a new sea kayak play boat called the Delphin.

Here’s a list of the key features from the P & H website.

  • Rocker- Super maneuverability when surfing and prevents purling.
  • Quick resurfacing bow- Splits and sheds water preventing nose burying on steep waves and helps punch through waves on the way through surf.
  • Hard chines in the bow, soft chines in the stern. Fast pick up on the wave and forgiving for beginners and when surfing.
  • Flat mid-section hull-  The most manoeuvrable sea kayak on the market, spins like a white water kayak to get you out of those sticky situations like crossing fast flowing races.
  • Low back deck and cockpit- Easy to roll when the wave wins.
  • Squared off stern- Increases water length, speed and tracking.
  • Rear weighting- Creates a long water line when paddling on flat water for speed and tracking.
  • Large rear and fore hatch- Lots of day tripping storage.
  • Mini hatch- Access your essential gear on the move.

P & H Delphin Demo Video


Does the P & H Delphin look like a boat you would like to use to surf Wisconsin’s waves? Do you have any favorite Wisconsin kayak surfing spots?

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