Kayaking the Neenah Slough

Another nice Spring day to go kayaking in the Fox Cities.  The water was super high in Little Lake Butte Des Morts so we decided to see how far we could get going into the channel called the Neenah Slough.

Trip Overview: Start at Fritse Park in Menasha on Little Lake Butte Des Morts.   Paddle South as far as you can or want to.  The channel to the Neenah Slough is at the  South center of the lake.   Depending on water levels you should be able to paddle a couple of miles South on the channel before you get stopped by a tree in the river.  Paddle through Neenah neighborhoods and under a few bridges.  This paddle needs to be done in the Spring or when the water levels are high.   Distance is 3 – 4 miles round trip or less if you turn around sooner.

Very high water at the boat launch at Fritse Park.  This is around 2 feet higher than the normal water level.  The Fritse landing has a wood ramp on the left side for canoes and kayaks.  The ramp is completely under water in the photo.  When the water is lower this wood ramp can be slippery.  You may want to use the concrete on the right side.

Just enough room to make it under the  2nd bridge after you enter the channel.  It’s fun to watch the light from the water ripples reflect under these low clearance bridges.

Heading South approaching another bridge on a wider section of the channel.

Nice early Spring paddling on the Neenah Slough.

Blue heron in a Neenah neighborhood.

Low clearance paddling under the bridge.

Great day for paddling the Neenah Slough.   The high water makes the channel nice and wide for paddling.

Another bridge on the route South on the Slough.

Snow along the banks of the Neenah slough.

On the return trip paddling North.  The Best Western is on the right and the frontage road along Hwy 41 is on the left.

Paddling North on a nice early Spring day on the Neenah Slough.

This is the railroad bridge which is closest to Little Lake Butte Des Morts.  Last bridge before going back into the lake on our return to Fritse Park.

Passing by the power line tower on the Southwest side of Little Lake Butte Des Morts.  The tower was full of Cormorants.  As we approached  they all flew away accept for 1 lone bird in the photo.   We saw lots of ducks, a few pelicans and geese and a muskrat.   We also found 4 bobbers for the bobber collection.

If you decide to go paddling here go early when the water is high and the weeds are low.  The closest public landing is Fritse Park in Menasha.  An option is to launch from one of the public parks or open areas in Neenah.

Have you paddled here?  How would you rate this paddle? Does this look like a good place for canoeing and kayaking?

2 thoughts on “Kayaking the Neenah Slough

  1. Mark – I did this trip a few years back in high water in late spring. Made it to Jewelers Mutual. Almost got beaned by a golfball at Bridgewood.

    • We went about the same distance as you did Dave. A tree in across the waterway made it tricky to continue and then we realized that dinner was going to be late if we didn’t turn around. Another time maybe we will keep going under hwy 41.


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