Fox River Paddling – Marquette to Princeton

Starting in Lake Puckaway at the village of Marquette in Green Lake County and paddling to Princeton on the Fox River. The journey changes from lake paddling to paddling the wide river with marshy lowland banks to slightly swifter water below the Princeton Dam and into the city of Princeton.

Getting ready at the Marquette landing on Lake Puckaway.


15.5 miles from Lake Puckaway to Princeton. Suitable for all paddle craft. Paddlers may have to deal wind waves through the first mile on the open waters of the east side of Lake Puckaway. (Lake Puckaway is 5400 acres.) About 10 miles into this trip you’ll need to portage around the Princeton Dam. Stay river right for the portage. Entering the city of Princeton the Fox River current speeds up the end of your journey on this segment of the river.

From the boat landing paddle toward the Northeast corner of the river channel. The river gradually gets narrower as it flows back into a river channel. There is plenty of river for paddlers to enjoy. As you near Princeton the current increases making your trip go a bit quicker in the last mile.

The river is mostly natural, flowing through lowlands and agricultural land with a few homes mixed in until you get to Princeton.

The take out in Princeton (river right) is right on the edge of town and includes a porta potty and allows camping.

A Map and launch locations for paddling the Fox River are listed on the Fox River Heritage Paddle 2010 Google maps guide.

Have you paddled this section of the Fox River?  Please share your recommendations and memories in our comments or use the star rating to rate this paddle location.

Fox River – Marquette to Princeton Photo Gallery

Here are some photos from the Fox River Heritage Paddle 2010. Photos by Dave Horst.

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