Paddling to Stephensville in Flooded Waters

April has been a wet month in Northeastern Wisconsin.  The records snowstorm in Mid April and the continuing rains are keeping water levels high on the Wolf and Bear Creek, a tributary that runs through Stephensville,  WI.  The high water gave us more places to explore with the kayaks.

At the landing on Hwy M, North of Hortonville. The concrete part of the launch is just sticking out the water. This is the highest water level that I’ve ever paddled the river. We took a shortcut across a flooded section just upstream and cut about a 1/4 off our our journey this day.

Sitting in my kayak in a flooded corn field looking at the village of Stephensville in the flooded waters of Bear Creek. Bear Creak flows into the Wolf River about 4 miles upstream from Hwy M. It’s easy to miss and would be challenging to paddle if the water is low. During high water like this day it feels like you’re paddling in a forest in many sections of the creek. We went all the way up to the village today, about a mile off the Wolf River.

Paddling through the trees on Bear Creek, West of Stephensville.

The eddies were much larger with the high water in the Wolf. The river is different every time out. It makes for fun paddling and keeps things fresh on the Wolf River.

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