Double Kayaking Downstream on the Wolf River

We recently enjoyed a double kayak downstream journey on the Wolf River with our friends Cheryl and Hoss.   Two doubles and 2 couples enjoying a fabulous day paddling down the Wolf River.   Our paddle started at Barker Park South of Shiocton after we left a vehicle at the landing on Hwy M.

Barker Landing to Hwy M is about 10 miles one way.  With the water still being high from our Spring rains we decided to take a short side trip and went about a mile upstream on Bear Creek before a too small to paddle under bridge blocked our way to Stephensville.

The Lower Wolf River is one of the nicest places to go paddling near the Fox Cities.  The Wolf can get busy with fishermen early in th Spring. In the Summer boat traffic North of New London is usually minimal.  If you can paddle these sections of the Wolf on a weekday you may be the only boat on the river during the Summer.   There are many potential takeout spots and if you don’t mind a little paddling upstream against the current and then returning to your launch spot you don’t even need to shuttle your  vehicle.

Double Kayaking Downstream Photos


Map of the Lower Wolf between Shiocton and New London.


One thought on “Double Kayaking Downstream on the Wolf River

  1. Thanks for bringing a double into your fleet of kayaks last season, Sweetie! It’s my favorite way to enJOY paddling. The best of all worlds in my opinion.

    I can paddle hard when I want, relax when I don’t, trust my trusty navigator (YOU!) to manage any rough(er) waters, take time out to take pictures of all the amazing nature that we are blessed to experience on our adventures, and hang out w/my best bud (also you) all at the same time.

    Added bonus? Paddling with friends who love and appreciate quiet paddling in nature, too. *Thanks Cheryl and Hoss for a great day on the water!


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