Kayaking Sailing with the Wind Paddle

Sailing and kayaking seem like a nice combination on those days when you want to use the wind to add a few more miles to your paddle or just feel like messing around on a windy day.  Here WI Paddle member Norm shares a little review of his new  WindPaddle Adventure Sail

Norm’s Review

Here is a photo of the Wind Paddle sail in action.  The visability is great through the large clear window.  It has tacking limitations which may improve with a little more practice.  I was going approximately 5 mph with a 10 mph wind at my back. It steers very nicely with a rudder, while holding the guy lines.  I may add anchor points to attach the guy lines to, so I won’t need to hold them.

I’ll keep you posted with my sailing adventures.

Thanks for the quick review Norm. Get your own WindPaddle Adventure Sail