Paddling The Solo Canoe DVD

Have you ever paddled a solo canoe?  Would you like to learn more about solo canoe paddling?  The DVD Paddling the Solo Canoe
is a good instructional resource for solo paddling.   Canoe instructor and Rutabaga paddle shop owner Darren Bush takes new solo paddlers through all the basics when it comes to paddling the solo canoe.

The DVD is organized into short, quick watching sections.  Darren covers everything from canoe anatomy and design basics to paddling strokes, outfitting and gear basics.  Darren demostrates techniques on the water and additionally animated stroke diagrams are included for more specific details.  The instructional video segments are quick, clear and to the point.   There is enough instructional information and the information never lags.  It was easy to watch a few sections multiple times because they’re well organized in the DVD menu.

I recommend this DVD if you’re interested in improving your solo canoe techniques or if you’re interested in paddling in general.

Paddling the Solo Canoe DVD is 58 minutes.

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