Embarrass River Paddling – New London, WI

The Embarrass River empties into the Wolf River in New London.  Pfeifer Park in New London makes a good access point for kayaks and canoes.  The large gravel along the banks of the river in the park make for a fairly easy place to launch.  The banks are mowed and there is plenty of parking at the park. The Embarrass River is nice quiet water river.  The river is tree lined near New London and can be blocked by fallen trees in the narrower sections.  The river is very lightly traveled by boats.  The Embarrass empties into the Wolf River about a 1/2 mile downstream from the park.  The currently is usually light on the Embarrass.  It’s fairly easy to paddle upstream and back to your launch spot making shuttling from launch to landing completely optional.

Photo Tour of the Embarrass River near New London

The Tri Rivers Area Map shows additional launch locations on the Embarrass River

Here’s some additional information on the Embarrass River from Wikipedia.


The Embarrass River has 3 branches, the south branch originates near Eland and passes by Tigerton, the middle branch originates in southern Langlade and the northern branch passes by Bowler, Tilleda and Leopolis. The middle and south branch converge in Caroline the river collects its north branch then flows through Pella where a dam is located. Below Pella, the Embarrass River passes by Embarrass the Embarrass River eventually converges into the Wolf River in the city of New London. “French voyageurs named this river the Embarrass, French for obstruction, because, while canoeing down the stream, they frequently found their passage blocked by fallen logs.”


Have you paddled the Embarrass River?

3 thoughts on “Embarrass River Paddling – New London, WI

  1. Mark, I TOTALLY do NOT remember going under that railroad bridge….but Rich is doing it on the he photo, and this is his new kayak, so it must be true! Musta been out to lunch.

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  3. Mark, there is an EXCELLENT boat launch on the Embarrass on County Rd FF, a little NORTHWEST of Shiocton. From 54 in Shiocton, Cross the WOLF river, going West, then take 76 North about 5 minutes to FF. Plenty of room to park and has a bench and picnic table. The launch itself is short but not too steep or mucky. From there, Cherry Rd is about 4 1/2 – 5 miles upstream.


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