Park to Park Paddle Eludes Storms

Park to Park is the biggest paddle event in the Fox Cities.  2011 marked it’s 10th year of paddling from Neenah to Appleton on the Fox River.  We had a great time on the water and made it right between storms thanks to Dave Horst turning over the turtle.

Dave Horst wrote his account of the paddle from the Park to Park Paddle.  Here is an excerpt:


Never doubt the turtle. The sky hung low with dark clouds as we rolled into Neenah early last Saturday morning. Rain dripped on our truck windshield. Lightning split the sky.

This was a paddling day — the 10th annual Park-to-Park Paddle. At least it was supposed to be.

The forecasters were hedging on the weather. A 30 percent chance of thunderstorms, they said. One front followed by another. It was 7:15 a.m., with the launch scheduled at 9:30. We had to decide soon, and much of the group was leaning toward canceling.

We decided to give it another hour and, as has been our experience, the weather cleared in time for the paddle. I was confident it would go on as planned because I had turned over the turtle.

Read the rest of Dave’s story at Wisconsin Outdoor Fun

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