Drained Lake Weyauwega Turns Back to a River

Lake Weyauwega looks completely different this year.  It has been drained starting in late Spring to control weed growth.  The lake was a nice place for paddlers to access the Waupaca River and had many pretty, shallow reed beds on the far west end of the lake for canoeing.

New stream banks. The original lake banks are at the tree line.

Riffles where there used to be a lake far west end of the lake.

Small rapids on the far west end of what was Lake Weyauwega

Grass growing in what used to be a lake.

Follow the new channel up "river" in the lake.

Do you see the south side of the lake boat landing? It's high and dry now.

The hwy 110 bridge in Weyauwega with the lake drained.

Lake Weyauwega was formed when a dam was put across the Waupaca River many years ago in the village of Weyauwega, WI. The lake is shallow and it gets full of weeds in the summertime.  I hope the draining achieves what the lake association is trying to do. If it does the lake will be great for kayaking and canoeing.

Black Otter Lake in Hortonville was drained 2 years ago and the weeds have come back in force this year.  The weeds that did come back seem to be all native species so far.

I wonder what they did with all the fish during the draining?  I made a few casts in the new river and caught and released 2 nice Largemouth Bass. I don’t think there will be enough water in the Winter for the fish to survive when the ice gets thick.

I’m looking forward to checking out the lake when it gets filled again next year.

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