New London Fishing Area Yakkers Paddle

The New London Fishing area is a decent launch and landing spot for paddlers seeking a fun adventure on the Wolf River.

New London Fishing Area

The New London Fishing Area is located about 1/4 mile North of the intersection of Hwy 15 and 45 on the South side of the New London bypass. See the Wolf River paddling map. The bypass runs close to the river and this area was turned into a public fishing area with a dock and plenty of parking. If you want to avoid the big powerboat landing in New London this is a good spot to start or end a paddle. It is unimproved and there is no fee to launch here.

This video is the last few moments of a recent Fox Valley Yakker paddle from Hortonville at Cty M to the New London Fishing Area.

This video was shot when the water is fairly low. The launch area can be muddy and rocky so take care with your footing and your boat.

From the New London Fishing Area Cty M is about 10 miles upstream and the landing at Riverside Park in New London is about 3 miles downstream.

The New London area downstream is generally busier with powerboat traffic. The further you go upstream on the Wolf it is generally less busy with few fast, large boats. The entire river is great to paddle if you don’t mind a few large powerboats between New London and Lake Poygan.

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