Spring Paddling on the Waupaca Chain O' Lakes

Entering Lake Orlando on the Waupaca Chain O' Lakes

The Spring of 2012 has been kind to early season paddlers in Wisconsin. The warmer weather and sunny conditions have pushed me to go paddling more often than usual this early in the season. One of my favorite nearby places to paddle is the Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes.

The lakes are crystal clear and pretty protected on windy days.  For paddlers I recommend starting on the Upper Chain at the Knight Rd. landing.  The Upper Chain is for small boats and weekends in the summer it’s common to see many paddlers out enjoying these clear waters.

Early in the season you may be the only one out paddling.

The larger part of the chain can be accessed by the very shallow Beasley Creek.  Weekends during the summer expect very busy boat and water ski traffic on the larger part of the chain.  I recommend paddling the big chain on weekdays or early or very late in the Wisconsin paddling season.

Read more and see more photos of the Waupaca Chain

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