Boat Maintenance and Gear Swap in Appleton – NEWP

Lutz Park Fox River kayaks

The North East Wisconsin Paddlers hosted their first ever boat maintenance workshop in 2012 with such success that 2013’s event will expand to include a boat/ gear swap!


St. Therese Parish Gymnasium

213 E Wisconsin Avenue

Appleton, WI 54911


10 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Saturday April 20, 2013

This year’s event will have four components:

1. Gear Swap – Have extra gear? Need paddling gear or equipment? Bring your spare gear and your wish list! Standard gear swap format – we’ll provide a space for you to put the gear you wish to sell. You set the price and strike the deal!

2. Retail Opportunity – Looking for new gear? Or even a new boat? Check out boats and gear from our website sponsors – Zellers from Green Bay, Superior Kayak and DC Adventure Center.

3.  Maintenance Workshop – Need to repair your boat? Or maybe improve the boat fit? Or just need help adjusting your boat to best fit you? Bring your boat, supplies (if you have them) and simple tools. We’ll share our time and talent to help you do simple adjustments, replacements and modifications.

  • ABackBanddjustments – back bands, braces, seat adjustments, rudders, skegs and their fittings
  • Replacements – deck lines, bungee cord, incidental hardware
  • Modifications – knee tube construction/ installation, foam pad shaping and coating; others?

Need major work? Maybe we cannot complete that in this format, but chances are some of our participants can help you figure out what you need and how to do it! Some supplies will be available (for purchase) through participating boat builders and retailers.

4. Skill Workshops – Want to learn a new skill? This year’s event includes three (45 – 60 minute) sessions in classrooms. They are:

  • 40KnotsPractical Knot Tying for Paddlers – this workshop will again be led by Geoff Carman, who will bring materials for the class
  • Trip Planning/ Boat Packing – what’s involved in planning a successful trip? How do you ever get everything to fit in that boat? Tim Pflieger and Sara from the DC (Door County) Adventure Center will offer practical tips and tricks!
  • On Water Navigation – Prefer to avoid the “scenic route?” Learn practical on-water navigation skills from Geoff Carman!



The format for this workshop will again be open and casual. Participants are welcome to bring their boats to the facility for maintenance as well as gear to swap.


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