Commuting By Kayak

Would you love to be able to commute to work by Kayak?

Commuting By Kayak – YouTube.


Sterling Kayaks gets help from community as it tries to rebuild after fire | Business | The Bellingham Herald


Sterling Kayaks gets help from community as it tries to rebuild after fire | Business | The Bellingham Herald.

Nice story about the local community coming together to help Sterling Kayaks rebuild after their fire.

Greenland Kayak Rolling and Bracing Slideshow

My friend Bob giving my Betsie Bay Manitou a skills run through.

Trying out different boats is popular with my kayaking friends. I found a vintage Betsie Bay Manitou for sale in the early fall. The Manitou is one of the first 10 of that model made by Al Anderson from Betsie Bay kayaks.   New Manitou’s weight less than 35 lbs.  My vintage version is about 45 lbs., heavier  than new Betsie Bay’s but lighter than my other boats.

The Manitou is a larger volume greenland style kayak.  It’s 22 inches wide and 18 feet long and it built with more depth for larger paddlers which I really appreciate with my size 13 feet.  The Manitou has become my favorite kayak to paddle.  It’s fast and very maneuverable for an 18 ft kayak.  A little lean and it responds quickly.  The Manitou is almost an equal in speed to my Current Designs Extreme.

My friend Bob likes to roll.  He wanted to put the Betsie Bay to the test of his rolling and bracing skills.  The Manitou was a little too roomy for him but he gave the boat high marks for it’s rolling and maneuverability.  Check out some of the photos I snapped while Bob  was playing.

Rolling and Bracing Slideshow

For another view check out the video of Bob playing in the Betsie Bay.

Kayak Rolling at Sunset Park on the Fox River

Bob Kriese testing out my new to me Betsie Bay Manitou with some rolling and bracing at Sunset Park in Kimberly on the Fox River. The underwater shots show that this water doesn’t have the best clarity for filming under water rolls.

The Betsie Bay Manitou is a fantastic kayak to paddle. It has excellent speed, turns and maneuvers quickly and has a simple comfortable fit. The Manitou is a greenland style kayak. Bob is using a carbon fiber greenland paddle made by Superior Kayaks.

A Conversation with Derek Hutchinson

Sea kayaking legend Derek Hutchinson shares his thoughts about kayaking in this interview from the 2007 West Coast Sea Kayaking Symposium.

Derek talks about kayak design history, his ideas on rolling, training, writing kayaking books and more.

If you are interested in the history of modern sea kayaking watching Derek Hutchinson share his stories is worth viewing.

Waupaca Chain Rolling and Paddling Video

Do you like paddling the Waupaca Chain of Lakes? Enjoy watching a few rolls. Sean Grafenstein was recently out enjoying another beautiful August day in Wisconsin on the Waupaca Chain of Lakes with his friend Bob.

This video from Sean shows off some of the beauty of the Upper Chain of Lakes. You also get to see what it looks like hanging upside down under the water.

Enjoy this little trip around the Waupaca Chain of Lakes.

The Chain of Lakes from Sean Grafenstein on Vimeo.

The Upper Chain is a fantastic place to enjoy a kayak or canoe trip. The Knight Lane landing is the best place to start your paddle on the Upper Chain O’ Lakes.

More information about paddling and a map the Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes