How to Dress for Kayaking and Safety

Are you prepared for kayaking this season?  Wearing proper clothing can help you stay safe, especially when paddling where the water is cold.  This video is great to help you get started.  How to Dress for Kayaking – YouTube.


Kayaking Safety – Rescue Practice Video from NEWP

Safe kayaking requires knowing how to get back in your boat in case of a capsize. In this video Chris Martin from Northeast Wisconsin Paddlers takes Emily Deem from WLUK TV through some the the steps to an assisted kayak rescue.

Check out more safety and paddle event information at the NEWP website.

Big Canoe Paddling on the Wolf River with Nature Current

A nice warm April day was a great reason to get the new BIG canoe on the water with friends and family to explore the flooded Wolf River. We started in Shiocton at Hwy 54, paddled up to where the Shioc River enters the Wolf and then were able to go another mile on the Shioc because the water was so high.

We did have to turn Water Lily, our big voyageur canoe around at the old bridge over the Shioc River because the clearance was too low. We took the big canoe through some of the flooded areas and explored in the trees. A red tailed hawk visited us along our journey.

Check out Nature Current BIG canoe journey’s at our new website.

Wolf River Kayaking Stephensville to Hortonville Time Lapse

The Lower Wolf River is a great and under utilized destination for paddlers. This section between Hwy S near Stephensville and Hwy M near Hortonville is about 5 miles making it one of the shorter sections between landings.

This section of the Wolf is tree lined and a number of fishing shacks line the river where there are access roads.  This time lapse video shows the river at a late summer medium to lower water level.

I like to make this paddle a round trip starting at the landing on hwy M, paddle to the bridge and landing at hwy S and back.  If you do this round trip I recommend doing the upstream section first.

Enjoy the video.

Want to see more videos and trip guides for the Lower Wolf River? Visit our Lower Wolf page.

January Paddling on the Fox River Video

The Fox River at Lutz Park Appleton, WI

50 degrees on January 10, 2012 in Wisconsin is a chance to paddle that a few of us paddlers couldn’t pass up. Here’s the video of myself, Sean and Terry paddling the Fox River from Lutz Park in Appleton to Little Lake Butte Des Morts.

You’ll see by the video there was virtually no snow and very little ice until we got to the wider part of the lake. It felt more like paddling in November. Watch for the eagle taking off from the tree in the video. We didn’t see 18 eagles like last week. We did see a few. I think this was because more open water spread them out to other places or maybe it was just our timing this day.

Warning: Cold water paddling can be dangerous. Don’t mess around this time of year! Safety is always important and even more so when it’s cold.

You can also check out this little winter paddling adventure in photos.

Fox River Appleton Locks Paddle Video Part 5

Voyager Canoe leaving lock #4

The final video from the Appleton Locks group paddle on September 24th. 119 canoes and kayaks enjoyed a fun outing on the Fox River in Appleton. Paddlers started at Lutz Park in Appleton and traveled to Sunset Park in Kimberly, traveling through the 4 Appleton locks over the 6 mile paddle. Check out the previous 4 videos to see the entire trip in video.

Thanks for watching this final segment of the Appleton Locks paddle.

Enjoy videos from part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4 of our paddle journey through the Appleton locks.